Expert Care for Women’s Health

Allied Medical Center Dubai offers a wide range of services designed to meet the unique needs of women, including preventive services such as age-specific health recommendations and our tailored health screening programs. Whether you're planning a family, scheduling a screening or seeking specialized care for a health condition, we design your care around your needs. We’re the women’s health and wellness leader in Dubai.

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Premier Medical Clinic In Dubai

The people of Dubai lead busy lives and sometimes neglect their health and well-being. Allied Medical Center is the leading multi-specialty polyclinic which provides prime general medical care for children and adults. We are one of the top 10 private clinics in Dubai with services ranging from Family Medicine to Breast Health. We have a highly skilled medical team and radiologists who strive to provide you with premium standards of treatment. The clinic is placed in the heart of Dubai and is easily accessible with support staff who operate in a patient centric environment.

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Range of Health Treatments

Allied Medical Center is a premium polyclinic in Dubai offering comprehensive health treatments ranging from family medicine to dental care. Conditions like diabetes and hypothyroidism are assessed and taken care of in the best possible way in our clinic. Our polyclinic has comprehensive breast care services with breast consultations, diagnostic imaging and breast biopsy services. Radiology, heart health, aesthetic treatments, laser hair removal, cosmetic and medical dental procedures and preventive care are among the numerous services we offer at the center.

  • primary care
    Family Medicine

    Centred on lasting, caring relationships with patients and their families

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  • obstetrics and gynaecology
    Women's Health

    We care about only women can

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  • Baby Clinic
    Baby Clinic

    Child Development & Care from conception to adolescence

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  • health screening services in dubai
    Health Screening

    Feel empowered by having the most accurate information about your health

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  • breast care services
    Breast Health

    Successful treatment of breast cancer is linked to early diagnosis.

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  • cardiac services in dubai
    Heart Health

    When it comes to matters of the heart, we know that nothing short of the best will do

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  • diagnostic imaging
    Diagnostic Imaging

    Making the best use of latest technology to deliver fast and accurate diagnosis

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  • laser hair removal
    Laser Hair Removal

    Say goodbye to unwanted hair with the most advanced laser technology

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  • general and cosmetic dentistry

    Make your smile your signature accessory

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Our Professional Team

With our team of highly skilled and experienced Clinicians and sub-specialised Radiologists, you can count on the very best patient care. The medical team in our clinic follow evidence-based best-practices and other professional codes of conduct to deliver compassionate, ethical and confidential healthcare to international standards and the benefit of our clients. Each of them holds a valid DHA Medical License and is an expert in their chosen medical field, area of diagnostics and specialising in one or more diagnostic imaging technologies.

Our premier polyclinic in Dubai provides latest technology and friendly, caring support staff in a patient centric environment. We are committed to providing excellence in healthcare services and diagnostic imaging that exceed your expectations, presenting Western standards of healthcare to the Middle East.

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    8am - 8pm
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    8am - 8pm
  • Tuesday
    8am - 8pm
  • Wednesday
    8am - 8pm
  • Thursday
    8am - 7pm
  • Friday
  • Saturday
    8am - 7pm
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