Mission, Vision and Values

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Our Mission

  • To be a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services in the public and private sectors in selected countries;
  • To be an excellent and caring employer encouraging our staff to continually develop and improve; combining clinical expertise with advanced technology.
  • To achieve consistent company growth.

Our Objectives

  • To provide high quality care to our patients at affordable rates.
  • To employ top calibre, well remunerated staff whose talents benefit our clients
  • To consistently ensure a good return on investment for shareholders and sustain company growth.

Our Core Values

The UME Group have developed a set of core values that are applied to every healthcare facility and environment in which we work. They form the basis for the training that is given to staff and set the standard of behaviour and professionalism expected of our managers.

  • Quality and the continual improvement of every aspect of our business to improve service, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Respect and compassion in the delivery of humane clinical services to patients and their families.
  • Customer-driven by striving to provide service of superior value to both internal and external customers, particularly through the optimum application of technology.
  • Success-driven by learning from everything we do so that the results of our actions bring added value to our customers and the company.
  • Teamwork is the means by which we achieve our success recognising that a good and motivated team is stronger and more effective than any individual.
  • Integrity and honesty are demanded to engender trust within and outside the organisation and must underscore every action.
  • Reward and recognition through all appropriate means to attract, retain and motivate staff.

Every manager will:

  • Demonstrate professional leadership, applied with integrity and honesty so that all staff clearly understand their roles and responsibilities and feel empowered;
  • Be quality and results-driven in all actions including timeliness, setting a clear example to all other staff by constantly seeking improved ways to serve both internal and external needs;
  • Develop actively the professional and personal skills of staff, by encouraging and facilitating learning in the workplace and outside, and by mentoring and coaching;
  • Communicate with staff at all levels openly, honestly, participatory and on a timely basis;
  • Adapt readily and positively to change as the company’s strategies and needs develop in any given market place, and act as a champion of change for staff;
  • Be an active team player, as member or leader, for the benefit of patients, customers, other staff, and company through higher standards of performance; and
  • Reward and recognise staff performance in an appropriate, fair, and consistent manner that supports the motivation of individuals and teams in achieving success.

Our Promise

  • The most advanced imaging equipment.
  • A comprehensive range of imaging services.
  • Fast, accurate and informative reports.
  • Expert, professional staff.
  • Distinguished sub-specialty radiologists available for advanced image readings.
  • Appointments within 48 hours.
  • Reports available within 24 hours.
  • Service excellence.

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Professional Team

With our team of highly skilled and experienced Clinicians and sub-specialised Radiologists, you can count on the very best patient care...

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