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Dr Sameh Atallah - DDS, MFDRCSI, MSc

Specialist Dentist & Implantologist

Years of Experience


Dr Sameh has over 12 years of experience in Dentistry and is highly qualified with vast experience in general dentistry as well as oral surgery & implants. He specialises in general and advanced root canal treatments by ensuring minimal loss of tooth structure, fixed prosthodontics such as crowns and bridges which would enhance the structure and aesthetic appeal, general and complex tooth extractions which require advanced procedures involving the wisdom teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry is an area of great interest for Dr Sameh and his experience in this segment extends to bonding of veneers of both porcelain and composite material variety, aesthetic restorations to teeth, restoring tooth colour using a variety of teeth whitening methods, complex procedures for restoration of lost teeth due to periodontal disease or injury with dental implants that act as an artificial root, aesthetic correction of gummy smiles, gum surgery and treatments for various gum related diseases, oral surgery for an impacted tooth, tooth loss and other oral diseases.

Services Offered