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Allied Medical Center provides one of the best one-stop Family Medicine Services in Dubai with consultation, treatment, radiology and laboratory services all in-house. Our Specialist Family Medicine doctor focuses on a comprehensive approach to caring for patients of all ages from a range of multi-cultural backgrounds and medical histories. At Allied Medical Center, the cornerstone of family medicine is an on-going, personal patient-doctor relationship with a focus on prevention as the best foundation to keep your family healthy and active. Our Italian/French Specialist Family Medicine doctor is very experienced and committed to care for her patients through every stage of life from new-born check-ups and routine medical care to diagnosis, treatment and management of acute or chronic health issues.

Dr Ilaria Saredi offers a wide range of Family Medicine services such as:

  • Neonatal Care, Baby Clinic, Paediatric Health, Pediatric Vaccinations & Teenage Development
  • Vaccinations for children and adults including cervical cancer vaccinations
  • Family Planning, including Intrauterine Device (IUD) / Mirena Coil & Subdermal Implants
  • Women’s Health, including medical and functional Gynaecology Care, Laser Treatment for Urinary Stress Incontinence Improvement, Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis & Cervical Cancer Screening & Pap Smears
  • Antenatal & Postpartum Care
  • Obstetrics / Pregnancy Care
  • Men’s Health including Prostate conditions
  • Acute & Chronic Conditions, including Diabetes, Asthma and Allergies
  • Thyroid Clinic including Thyroid function tests, Thyroid ultrasound and FNA Biopsies for nodules
  • Geriatric Medicine including Osteoarthritis & Arthritis and Heart Disease
  • Cancer Screening and Diagnosis
  • Common Skin & Eye Diseases, including Cryotherapy and Fractional CO2 Laser Treatments
  • Preventative Health, including Tailored Health Screening Programs
  • Diet & Nutrition, including Obesity and Food Intolerance Tests
  • Occupational Health
  • Aesthetic Treatments for Spider Veins, Laser Hair Removal, Skin Tone and Skin Resurfacing Lesions

For more information please contact us on 800 Allied (255433)

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