Patient Safety Guidelines for UAE

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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

  • Privacy
  • Effective communication
  • Have all your information kept confidential (in accordance with the Federal applicable laws) and protected from loss or misuse
  • Know the identity of the staff responsible for your care
  • Always be treated with consideration, cultural awareness and respect by all staff in a safe environment
  • Not to be discriminated against, pressured or taken advantage of
  • Be protected from verbal, physical, mental abuse and/or assault
  • Ask questions and receive competent answers
  • Have the option of a support person present at most times
  • Have the right to make an informed choice and give informed consent
  • Be informed and to:
    • Know about your health condition in
    • easy-to-understand terms
    • Know and understand the choices available
    • Know what is recommended
    • Know how this will affect you
    • Be able to seek another option, where possible
  • Have any pain properly assessed and appropriately managed
  • Have an honest description of the risks as well as the benefits of proposed treatment
  • Change your mind if you already said yes or no to a course of treatment and to be informed of the medical consequences of your decision
  • Register a complaint without fear of any harm or penalty to yourself. You also have the right to be informed of the response of your complaint
  • Receive a written medical report based on interpretation of your imaging study and to receive your digital images on a CD
  • Refuse to participate in teaching or research
  • Be informed of diagnostic imaging charges

Patient Responsibilities at Allied Diagnostics:

Be informed to:
  • Provide complete and accurate information regarding your present complaints, your medical history and medication as well as all other matters related to your health; to provide you with specific care
  • Ask questions when you are in doubt
  • Give consent for diagnostic imaging procedures, once it has been explained and understood
  • Participate to the best of your ability in making decisions about your medical treatment and to follow the treatment recommended by your referring doctor
  • Accept the consequences of refusing diagnostic imaging or not following the plan of care
  • Treat all others, receiving and providing care, with respect, dignity and consideration
  • Keep to and be on time for your appointments or cancel in advance. Remember this appointment time could be used for another person needing diagnostic imaging
  • Observe safety regulations and facility policies and procedures including those regarding smoking, noise, number of support companions and use of mobile phones
  • Ensure the financial obligations of your health care are promptly fulfilled

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