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Our goal is to provide outstanding personalised service for men and women in comfortable surroundings with sub-specialised Radiologists, making the best use of latest technology to deliver fast and accurate diagnosis to our patients and their Clinicians.

Our facility is equipped with the top of the line 3T MRI offering Comprehensive Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

This ‘state of the art’ 3T MRI system features High Resolution Imaging, Faster Acquisition and Reduced Exam time, Exceptional Image Quality and it provides high patient comfort with its 70cm Open Bore and short system design of 173cm and allows a weight limitation of 250kg.

This advanced technology together with best practice protocols, deliver tailored sub-specialised studies such as Cardiac MRI, MRI Enterography (Small Bowel), Breast, Abdomen, Pelvis and Prostate studies with Diffusion and Spectroscopy sequences, Whole Body and Whole Spine MRI, MSK with Metal Implant Reduction software (WARP), Neurological studies with Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI), Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI), Spectroscopy, Perfusion, Functional MRI and Tractography (Fibre Tracking Software), Whole Body Vascular studies with and without contrast injection.

First to the Middle East, our advanced technology CT features the lowest radiation dose multislice CT system in the United Arab Emirates. This CT reduces radiation dose by up to 50% on all Body Imaging and up to 85% on Cardiac Imaging compared to other conventional multislice CT without any compromise on image quality and definition. This unparalleled dose reduction has revolutionised how imaging studies are performed on patients of all ages presenting with special needs, taking the concept of cutting-edge imaging to unprecedented heights.

Quick, comfortable and non-invasive procedures using the ultra low radiation dose CT are available, such as specialised abdominal studies, CT Virtual Colonoscopy and Cardiovascular Imaging.

Allied Medical Center is equipped with 3 High Performance Ultrasound systems that features the latest technology in Ultrasound and Colour Doppler imaging. These performance based systems allows focus on early detection rather than late diagnosis. It includes revolutionised structural and functional analysis of foetal heart imaging, providing detailed images of unborn babies like never before.

Our Ultimate Baby Obstetric Service includes detailed obstetric studies and real-time 4D Moving Images of the unborn baby on DVD for expecting parents. We offer comprehensive Women’s imaging including, but not limited to, highly specialised infertility, follicular tracking, gynaecological and breast imaging studies.

All Women’s Ultrasound Imaging and Ultimate Baby Packages are performed by an experienced female clinical team. Colour Doppler provides quick and accurate studies of vascular anatomy, including carotid arteries and peripheral vascular studies.

Our DEXA service offers the only comprehensive solution for accurately and rapidly assessing total body bone and tissue composition, bone fracture assessment, paediatric evaluations and biochemical measurements. It provides Clinicians with precise information on Bone Mineral Density needed to monitor medication therapies in the shortest interval possible related to Osteoporosis.

In addition, Body fat analysis is a new, quick, accurate, non-invasive and technically advanced procedure which is considered the gold standard in quantification of the body fat, lean mass and bone mineral content in the whole body or part of it. This procedure has applications in the management of patients undergoing various treatments such as parathyroid or antiviral therapeutic regiment which can cause a shift in the fat, muscle or mineral content in the body as a side effect or expected primary effect of the management.

With our remarkable composition of experienced staff, Allied Medical Center Dubai is able to provide Digital General X-Ray imaging services at premium standards of practice.

A diagnostic imaging request form from your referring clinician will be required for all imaging studies with your medical history and reason for the request clearly stated. If you do not have a request form, you will be required to consult one of our clinicians prior to proceeding with diagnostic imaging studies. It is very important to bring all post-surgery documentation as well as any previous related imaging reports and images on CD or film with you on the day of your diagnostic imaging appointment for the Radiologist to review and compare for a comprehensive impression of your health.

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