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Advanced Radiology Center in Dubai

Allied Medical Center boasts 20 years of excellence in providing the most advanced radiology services in Dubai.

With an emphasis on patient comfort and state of the art technology, our diagnostic imaging center brings together latest technology radiology equipment and highly trained staff to deliver a wide range of subspecialty diagnostic imaging studies to the highest level of international standards.

Our Radiology Equip With

Ultra Low Radiation CT Scan

It is a special X-ray test that produce cross-sectional images of the body and can be taken from our diagnostic center in Dubai.

Bone Densitometry DEXA Scan

DEXA scan measures bone mineral density and radiologists at Allied Medical Center are experienced in providing them.


It is a diagnostic cardiac ultrasound which uses sound waves to create pictures of your hearts chambers and valves.

Top of the line 3T MRI Scan

It uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed images of the body.

Digital X- Ray

An X-ray is a common imaging test which can help your doctor view the bones within the body without being invasive.

Digital Mammography

Mammography is a specialized medical imaging which allows doctors to detect breast disease in women.


It uses sound waves to look inside your breast to detect and start a treatment for breast diseases.

This advanced technology 3T MRI system features high resolution imaging, fast and accurate diagnosis, exceptional image quality, reduced exam time and metal implant reduction software. It provides enhanced patient comfort with its 70cm wide bore and short system design of 173cm which significantly reduces the feeling of claustrophobia and allows a weight limitation of 250kg.

Allied Medical Center is the leaders for cardiac imaging and the only facility in Dubai to provide Cardiac MRI, CT angiography heart scans and echocardiograms led by a well-known Cardiologist, specializing in cardiovascular imaging.

All Women’s Ultrasound and Mammography scans and procedures are performed by a highly trained, experienced female team of radiologists, technologists and sonographers in a dedicated, private and discreet woman’s health clinic.

Always bring the request form from your doctor, any post-surgery documentation, as well as any previous related diagnostic imaging reports and images on CD or film with you on the day of your imaging appointment. This allows our Specialist Radiologists to review and compare images for a comprehensive study of your health.

We take patient comfort to the next level by offering complimentary Careem pick up and drop off chauffeur service for all MRI, CT studies and Biopsy procedures.

For more information, please download our Patient Guides or contact us on 800 Allied (255433)

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With our team of highly skilled and experienced Clinicians and sub-specialised Radiologists, you can count on the very best patient care...

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