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Whether you have any symptoms or just concerns about family history or just want an overall assessment of your breast health, rest assured you'll receive the finest patient care from start to finish.

Allied Medical Center is honored to be Title sponsor of the 2018 Pink Ladies Games. We believe that Breast Health should be part of every woman's lifestyle. Awareness is the greatest protection against breast cancer and survival is often linked to early diagnosis. At Allied, we are supporting the fight against breast cancer by continuously creating awareness, investing in latest technology and providing clinical expertise to the community of Dubai.

Whether you have any symptoms, concerns about your family history or just want an overall assessment of your breast health, rest assured you'll receive the finest patient care from start to finish at our comprehensive Breast Health Clinic where we have experienced breast care specialists.

At Allied, our dedicated one-stop Breast Services are performed by an experienced team of doctors, nurses and technologists, led by our highly skilled Breast Specialist Radiologists, following the highest International Gold Standards for assessment, diagnosis and breast imaging reporting.

Our Breast Health Services includes breast assessment consultations, breast screening and diagnostic breast services in private, discreet, female-only surroundings.

At our Breast Health Clinic in Dubai, we have advanced technology diagnostic imaging studies including:

Digital Mammography with the most up to date Computed Aided Detection (CAD) technology providing exceptional diagnostic detail at a significant low radiation dose and a high level of patient comfort

Breast Ultrasound with Elastography Software for dense breast imaging

Breast MRI with the most advanced 18 channel coil for high resolution imaging

Ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration (FNA) and core biopsies

Stereotactic (mammography guided) breast biopsies

A breast examination by a doctor is essential for your breast health. It is recommended for women to have a clinical breast examination every 3 years between the ages of 20 and 39, and every year after the age of 40.

Our Family Medicine Specialist, Dr Ilaria Saredi, is highly trained in breast health. During a breast assessment consultation, our doctor will perform a clinical breast examination and refer you for the best screening or diagnostic investigations based on your medical and family history, breast anatomy and any findings or concerns discussed in your initial consultation. She will also teach you how to do self-assessment examinations at home and provide you with a breast self-assessment shower card to take home.

Breast screening is recommended at least every 2 years for women, beginning at age 40. However if you have a strong family history of breast cancer, it is recommended to discuss screening at an earlier age.Breast screening is also recommended prior to cosmetic breast enhancement to determine your breast health.

It is very important to maintain your breast health records throughout your life. Always bring the request form from your doctor, any post-surgery documentation, as well as any previous related diagnostic imaging reports and images on CD or film with you on the day of your imaging appointment. This allows our Specialist Radiologists to review and compare images for a comprehensive study of your health.

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