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Baby Clinic

Baby Clinic

Allied Medical Center offers an innovative free consultation concept for mothers in Dubai seeking professional advice for their babies.

The Free Baby Clinic is dedicated to young children from two months to eighteen months of age and is led by Dr Ilaria Saredi, Italian/French Family Medicine Specialist in Dubai.

The Free Baby Clinic is every Thursday from 8am-12pm and services include:

  • Measurements of your baby/child – including weight, length and head circumference
  • Routine and Travel Vaccination advice
  • Support and advice for both breastfeeding and infant nutrition
  • Support and advice for baby and child care
  • Support and advice with introducing your baby to solid foods
  • Postnatal care
  • Family planning advice

The Baby Clinic is by appointment only and includes a free 30 minute consultation for your baby with our Family Medicine Specialist for the first visit.

Free follow up visits will be booked for 15 minutes with our highly qualified nurse to chart your baby’s growth. For any medical concerns, an appointment for a consultation with our Family Medicine Specialist will be booked.

For more information please contact us on 800 Allied (255433)

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